The informational support 


The informational support of PhREME'2020 is provided by scientific journals of the High Attestation Commision list


"Biomedical Engineering" ("Медицинская Техника")


The priority of "Biomedical Engineering" is strengthening and widening of multidisciplinal contacts in the field of medical equipment. The journal publishes fundametal articles and the results of applied researchs and developments.  




"Biomedical Radioelectronics"

("Биомедицинская радиоэлектроника")


The journal publishes articles on bio-material science, biomedical technologies, and the interaction of physical fields and radiation with biological objects, as well as the development of new electronic devices for use in biology, biomedical technology, and medicine. Established in 1998.



"Biotechnosphera" ("Биотехносфера")

The magazin is aimed to scientists, leading specialists of academic, research and engineering organizations of medical-technical field, for healthcare stuff and other persons, who invlolved into biomedical engineering. 



“Dynamics of Complex Systems – XXI century” ("Динамика сложных систем")

International scientific magazine. The main objective of the magazine “Dynamics of Complex Systems – XXI century” consists in representation of research results in investigation of dynamic processes into complex technical systems (mechanical, information technologies and computers, radioengineering and electronics, physical systems, control systems).



"Tekhnologii zhivykh sistem" (Technologies of Living Systems)

a scientific and technical journal elucidating fundamental and applied problems of life sciences. Established in 2004.



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